A Family of Objects

Within the framework of the ‘Home Futures’ show, the Design Museum commissioned OpenStructures to develop the first family of Openstructures compatible products. 

Collaborating with Atelier Ternier Gent, Studio Minalemaeda from Rotterdam, Normal Studio Paris and Disarming Design from Palestine four new objects and object families were developed. 

During two hacking workshops with Raw Color from Eindhoven the first prototypes of these developments were dis- and reassembled into new derivatives and functionalities. These remixed hybrids illustrate the possibility of new family members, related siblings and potential future generations within the OS ecosystem.


Commission by the Design Museum, London

Concept by OS_Studio

Designs by Raw Color and OS_Studio

Featuring parts by Atelier Ternier, Normal Studio, Studio Minale Maeda, Disarming Design from Palestine

Project assistance by Jonas Goergen, Pierre Ramaekers

Photography by Raw Color


at OS_Studio


Sep 2018